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How to Apply

Virginia State University offers a variety of majors, beautiful campus grounds, and great facilities for academics, recreation and residential life. Explore our website, schedule a visit and apply online.  Be a part of the VSU transformative experience.  

What type of student are you? 

Freshman – A student enrolled in high school or attending college while in high school.  

Transfer – A student who has attended a two-year or four-year college or university after completing high school. 

Second-Degree – A student seeking a second bachelor's degree. Graduate – A student who has completed a bachelor's degree. 

International – A student seeking a VSU degree who is a not a citizen of the United States of America. 

Continuing Education/Non-Degree – A student who wishes to take classes at VSU, but is not enrolled in a certificate or degree program, and/or a student taking non-credit courses.

If you need more information about VSU, start here:

Want to take the SAT at VSU? – 2018-2019 SAT Dates for Virginia State University

Test Day Test Date
Saturday August 25, 2018
Saturday October 6, 2018
Saturday November 3, 2018
Saturday December 1, 2018
Saturday March 9, 2019
Saturday May 4, 2019
Saturday June 1, 2019

Register for the SAT at


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