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A university is like a ship. It takes many hands on deck to make it run smoothly, with a strong captain at the helm to steer it in the right direction. Strong leaders work hard every day to make Virginia State University the thriving higher education institution that it is today.

While the President is like the captain helping to steer the University’s focus, the Board of Visitors is the actual governing body for Virginia State University. It is responsible for controlling and expending funds of the University including its appropriations, appointing the President, establishing tuition and fee costs, as well as other duties.

Dr. Makola M. Abdullah serves as president of VSU. President Abdullah is advised by members of the President’s Cabinet, composed of the chief of staff, vice presidents, several deans and associate deans, and other key University personnel.

There are six vice presidents which oversee different areas. These include the Provost/Vice President of Academic Affairs Dr. Donald Palm; Vice President of Finance Kevin Davenport; Vice President for Institutional Advancement Ms. Reshunda Mahone; Vice President of the Division of Student Success and Engagement Letizia Gambrell-Boone; Vice President for Research and Economic Development Dr. G. Dale Wesson; and Vice President for Administration Hubert D. Harris

The University Council represents faculty, staff and students. It operates under principles of shared governance with the Faculty Senate, Staff Senate and the Student Government Association.

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